My answer to What defines a bezel on a smartphone?

Answer by Allen He:

Bezel is a term used to describe the outside frame of a computer, monitor or any other computing device. This is important for product developers and designers in evaluating the overall perimeter of the device/component and its possible ramifications. Newer device designs such the iPad have extremely narrow bezels, even beze less like xiaomi mix and doogee mix allowing for more screen. This has become an increasingly important design factor for consumers.

Whether or not you’re ready for it, we think bezel-less (or at least near bezel-less) smartphones are on their way to the mainstream. Here i wan ti introduce 2 bezel less smartphone: xiaomi mix and doogee mix.

DOOGEE MIX is smaller than Mi MIX.From the released photo, DOOGEE MIX will carry an approximately 5.5” display, but with a size similar to 5” smartphone like Samsung S7 and Huawei nova. Comparing to the 6.4’’ display of xiaomi MIX, DOOGEE MIX is smaller,hence with a more comfortable grip.

Another difference between DOOGEE MIX and Xiaomi MIX is earpiece. DOOGEE MIX keeps the earpiece speaker on top of its body, which is designed as slim strip to get a bezel-less design on top. As we know, xiaomi MIX replace the earpiece with cantilever piezoelectric ceramics acoustic technology, converting voice by mechanical resonance. This technology caused lots of complaints, since it sacrifice the quality of calling. Compared with the no receiver design of Xiaomi MIX, a real receiver of DOOGEE MIX will make sure the clarity of calling.

Furthermore, Mi MIX came with two colors: black and white. While some photo shows DOOGEE MIX has three colors, apart from black version, there are two kinds of blue: dark blue and light blue.

Other information about DOOGEE MIX including a premium processor. Rumors says DOOGEE MIX will house Helio P25 with 4GB/6GB of RAM and 64GB/128GB internal storage. There will be allegedly a high-end version housing Helio X30. Besides, DOOGEE MIX will come with Samsung Super AMOLED screen. The price of DOOGEE MIX is not released for now, but we presume it will be over $200 with these superior specs.

What defines a bezel on a smartphone?