My answer to Why do all smartphones get slower over time or after installing apps?

Answer by Allen He:

Android system in order to protect the stability and security of the device, the applications can automatically only be installed to the phone memory application. In brief it can only be installed to the C disk when we install software on the PCs. In general, memory space of Android mobile phone is not large enough, install a few applications would occupy for more than half space, let alone large games. So we have to find ways to make the application can be installed to the memory card which is App2sd. Although the system itself supports App2sd since Android 2.2, the installation of the software still be installed to the phone memory by default, we need to “Settings – Application – Management Application” to open the application to move the page, click on “Move to SD card” to move it to the memory card.

Android system supports multi-threaded processing which is the reason a lot of users prefer Android device but not iPhone. But the side effects of multi-threaded is start up for a long time and the phone works more and more slowly. Android system can only complete the switching between background tasks and can not close the background program. Use some third-party task to manage applications is much more convenient. Download and run the manage applications after installation, the software would automatically display the currently running application list in the background, now you can close the background process anytime.

CPU of Android equipment works the same principle as PC, running speed of Android phone largely depends on the CPU performance, such as frequency, cache, instruction set. So we often see overclocking speed statement which means improve the CPU operating frequency to achieve the purpose of speeding up the system. Overclocking the phone is not so complex as PC. You need to obtain ROOT permissions at first, and then you can use the software.The phone’s speed and game performance would have a lot of improvement after overclocking, meanwhile, the heat increase significantly.

Why do all smartphones get slower over time or after installing apps?