My answer to Where to buy a reliable power bank?

Answer by Allen He:

Phones get faster every year, but battery life doesn’t seem to get any better. If you need to keep your smartphone – or tablet or other USB-powered device – going all day, you need a power bank.

So how to choose a suitable power bank? Before making a decision, you could reder to this passage: Don’t buy power bank before you read this.

— So, what’s next?

— Surely, to buy one for myself!

— So where to buy it? Or where to buy a reliable power bank?

Undoubtedly, having a reliable power bank for your smartphone, or tablet or other USB-powered device to boost a depleted battery can be a real lifesaver – especially when a charger isn’t accessible.


Online shopping for a power bank, that’s just a peice of cake. However, on the other hand, you should have to select one, a branded or a generic? Although Amazon has offered you a long list of selections, actually, you should exclude those unwanted one by one. And to the point, that still could not assure the qualities.

Similar to Amazon, eBay has rounded up all kinds of power banks for you, even you wanna buy some branded classic which is however not available in stores, via a third-party or private person. But it has the same shortcoming with Amazon, that is, assured-quality.

Branded Store

If you decide to buy some branded power bank, its official online shop or local shop is a good choice. At least, you’ve avoided 50% chance to get hurted while charging your devices. Of course, it’s not absolute. Anything to do with battery will have the chance for accidents, for example, to explode.

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Where to buy a reliable power bank?