Where can I recycle printer toner cartridges for money? by James Cai

Answer by James Cai:

If you are recycling perfectly new, and unused toner cartridges (still in the box), then there are a couple of options you can choose from. Some reputable companies that buy back these toner cartridges consist of:


Toner Connect: Sell Your New and Unused Toners for Cash

We Buy Empty and New Ink and Toner Cartridges

Esupplybuy – We buy your excess toner, ink cartridges and other office supplies

Surplus Toner Buyers, ink cartridges, Cash 4 Toner, Toner Buyers

If you’re looking to sell empty/used toner cartridges, then you may want to try these companies:


Advantage Cartridge – Recycling Electronics to Earn Cash

Turning Trash into Cash

Buy & Sell Empty Cartridge, Surplus Toner Buyer

All of these companies have been around for at least 5+ years and are quite reputable. Although, I would recommend shopping around and seeing who offers the highest payout, quality of service, and quick turnaround.

Typically, I would suggest using companies that specialize in dealing with one particular element (either empties ONLY or new, unused ONLY). Having a specialty in one sector usually signals that they have a strong network and can offer the highest payout in that one field.

Where can I recycle printer toner cartridges for money?