My answer to Who can help me to speak Chinese?

Answer by Allen He:

Hi Friend, I am Allen. When i saw you question i am so happy. Because chinese become more and more popular now and you are a good learner.

1.If you want just want speak some Chinese and make it as a tool. i think i can help: I am English Major & I travel most place of China. Also I like make friends. and I am willing to help all guys that want learn Chinese.

2. If you want learn Chinese and want use it to do business or do some research i recommend you to go to the university of China. study Chinese there.

All in All. I think i can help both. but do not make any promise that how well you can learn it. I just want more forefinger know china better. If you want you can just contact me through my profile: Facebook/twitter/ins/blog etc.

If you also want know some other Chinese guys can get them at

QQ :QQ International – Chat & Call – Android Apps on Google Play

Wechat:Web WeChat

Weibo :Weibo on the App Store

Ican recommend some of my friend to help you learn chines. Here i provide my SNS ID if you want:

My wechat: love212002

My QQ:616678273

My weibo: Mr荷包蛋

Who can help me to speak Chinese?