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Answer by Allen He:

Is There A Power Bank For Laptop? Many people will ask this question. We usually use power bank to charger our smartphone ,tablet , Go-pro or other smart devices. But we seldom or never see people use power bank to charger laptop. So the question is "Can we charge laptops via USB with a power bank?

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Yes, The answer is positive. The power bank capable to charge a laptop needs to supply not only the USB standard charging port but also (or only) a DC output port, or a build-in power inverter with an AC outlet. Usually they have in their name a “multi-voltage portable charger”. I will say if the portable power bank can charger for Surface 3 Pro, most of them are capable to power (recharge) a laptop battery as well. Here are some samples: Surface Pro 3 External Battery – Options And Accessories, Extend Your Surface Pro 3 Battery Life

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There are power banks available with various plug in connectors for laptops, but they cost around 15,000. I have seen one on ebay india, and the ad says that they’ve even sold 29 units. These are not marketed by laptop manufacturers so I am not sure what your laptop warranty status will be if you purchase one of these banks and use it charge your laptop. Most laptops charges through its adapter only. Powerbanks on the other hand have only usb 2 output interface. Replacing laptop batteries with Extra cell batteries available in the market can help. One desi jugaad is using a UPS to charge a lappy but it wont make it handy and portable.

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Is there power bank for laptop?