My answer to What are the best brands for e-liquid?

Answer by Allen He:

There are many amazing e-liquid brands available in the market. Determining the best e-liquid brand is not an easy task. There are a number of variables that have to be considered. The flavor aspect of this equation is important but also subjective. More importantly, you want to consider the question of quality.

Top 10 E Juice Brands

10: NicQuid

This high-quality brand is relatively affordable when compared with other gourmet e liquids. Tight controls ensure NicQuid satisfies every concerned consumer’s fears about hygiene and production standards, so if NicQuid doesn’t satisfy the FDA, no one will. Their flavors include tobacco, fruit, cocktails, mint, and more.

9: Beard Vape Co.

This company from Los Angeles, CA, names all of their e juices with a number. It looks as though #5 is the most popular flavor. This one tastes of strawberry-topped New York Cheesecake, so it’s no wonder. Beard Vape Co. (recognized by the silhouette of a bearded man on the label) makes a handful of gourmet flavors which are available from vendors of quality products.

8: Halcyon

Orange, CA, is home to Halcyon, makers of assorted fruity-style vapes. Their Dragon Chi e juice is probably the most popular to date and contains an exotic mixture of dragon fruit, pomegranate, and lychee.

7: Time Bomb Vapors

A married couple, Greg and Alena, started their own vaping company when Greg stopped smoking. His 19-year habit was hard to break but together they weathered the storm of addiction and turned their personal success into a business with four e juice labels including Time Bomb, which could be the most successful. TNT, probably their top flavor, is another strawberry style containing notes of apple and peach. You will notice a lot of e juice companies make strawberry-style liquids and several will be mentioned here. They are frequently top-selling varieties. Time Bomb Vapors hails from Costa Mesa, California.

6: Cuttwood

Once again, a top e juice label originates from California: this time Irvine. Cuttwood started out with Unicorn Milk and a bit of controversy over the addition of colorants, but they got through those tough early days to become one of the top-selling e juice labels in America. Not only is Cuttwood popular, but that first flavor (strawberry milk) is among the country’s favorite flavors full-stop. Many other companies have pursued their own version of strawberries and cream or strawberry milk, but Cuttwood’s version still rises above almost all of them.

5: Suicide Bunny

The exception is Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny. Not only does this flavor pre-date Unicorn Milk (which sounds like a bit of a knock-off when you read the two names out loud), but it might also be a shade more popular. It’s nice to see a state other than California represented on this list: Suicide Bunny is based in Arlington, Texas. The only other non-Californian company on the list is NicQuid from Miamisburg, Ohio.

4: Cosmic Fog

You have to love the humor behind some labels which reflect a tongue-in-cheek approach to life. Cosmic Fog is best known by their sunglasses-wearing cloud logo outlined in various colors. Each one represents a flavor, like Church (an ice cream sundae) or Milk and Honey. Milk and Honey is the top-seller from Cosmic Fog, reminding vapers of both those ingredients plus one extra. It’s like steamed milk with marshmallows.

3: Alpha Vape

If you like treats without the calories, especially a light dessert, Sweet Tooth by Alpha Vape might be just the ticket. Sweet Tooth tastes much like a Graham cracker with vanilla. It’s sweet but not overly so. Popular Alpha Vape comes from Los Angeles.

2: Space Jam

This is one of the industry’s best known and best selling brands of e juice. Their name turns up all the time in a search for fruity and dessert-type e liquids of quality. Try Andromeda, a darkly sweet fruit style comprised of blueberry and pomegranate flavors. Other space-themed styles include Eclipse and Galactica, the latter being their take on strawberries and champagne. There it is again: another strawberry e juice.

1: Five Pawns

Theirs are the most expensive e juices on this list and among the dearest of all e liquids, but fans say Five Pawns is worth the price. This company from Irvine, California specializes in crafting complex and unique flavors you won’t experience anywhere else. There are pretenders, but Five Pawns blends are unique. Attempts to replicate their menu appear contrived and fall flat. Castle Long, arguably the top flavor at Five Pawns, is just one example of ten unusual blends. Kentucky Bourbon mixes with Madagascar vanilla plus caramelized brown sugar, toasted coconut, and roasted almond. Five Pawns mixologists always take pains to be as specific as possible about flavors. If they use vanilla, they always specify which type, for instance. They also utilize unexpected herbs and numerous liqueur styles in their e juices.

What are the best brands for e-liquid?